Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In The Navy

This is cute. Haha. To my brazenness and intestinal fortitude, I got something worth doing today hence my juices were drained last week and didn't find an apt thing to do.

I really missed stamping big time but only to my disappointment, I realized that I'm no longer that good. Oh my! So I go to the traditional way of stripping, I mean striping. Lol.

You may think that ribbon is not so fitting and should put anchor instead. Look...

Nubar Dark Wash Jeans, Misa Heaven White

So, whatcha think?

And lest I mention, it's mine and for the gurlfriends!!!

"When the oceans rise and thunders roar... Be still, and know that I am God" --- Psalms 46:10


It's been a very loooooooong time! Again my apologies for that (and for the future). Since everything is going terribly in my school (just overemphasizing), let me do the sugar-coating of all the goods.

If I say "the colors slipped already from my memory", would you be mad??? Nevertheless. Here it goes:
(pinkie to index)
Nubar Faded Jeans
OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips
DL Lara's Theme
OPI Pamplona Purple
OPI Red My Fortune Cookie
Coated with Essie Luxe Effects Pure Pearlfection

Sorry for the fuzzy lighting but this is what I want to figure out. Ehem... Hope it makes sense. =)