Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dupes or not? (back-to-back)

From the very first, I'm lemming and dying to have Essie Mint Candy Apple. And finally it's here! Woohoo! But before I have it, I got the three nail lacquers from MAC Quite Cute Collection. There is the Mischievous Mint there, and right there, I know that they are dead dupes.

L-R Essie Mint Candy Apple (3 coats), MAC Mischievous Mint (2 coats)

You might say that Essie is mintier than MM. This is true but not after three coats in MM. They are dead dupes. But I have some concerns; 
> MM is a limited edition color. Meaning to say if it's gone, it's gone. Candy apple is always and just around. 
> MM is $16 per 10ml bottle. Candy Apple is $8 per 13.5ml bottle.
> With regards to application, MM is so creamy and the stem holding the brush is quite soft. Essie of course, two hands up.
> MM has prolong drying time.
I wonder what makes MAC expensive. Well, it's MAC. Maybe yes; I'm gonna buy a MAC nail polish again. Just because it matches my favorite lipstick.

Over-all, it's Essie that I'll always love.

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