Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toasted Mandarin

This might sound ridiculous but I call it legit. OPI Chop-sticking To My Story, you're such an epic!

One of a kind. Not too bright, not too dark, not too red, not even just right. It's burnt. Just like the chrysanthemums.

When I'm bored, I do stamping. When I'm in a rush, I do glittering.

Just did some stamping in line of my Chinese ancestry. I wish I did a gradient (of black or gold) instead but so I'm lazy to do that. Sorry for the blurred ring finger. I was trying to get a good focus (for my right hand) but since it's been gloomy for the past days, I have to take a quick shot before the clouds cover me. Again, ChG Passion for the stamping.

Anyho, I love so much this nail art tho stamping gives me a li'l pain in the bumster.

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