Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cake-y Nail

As I promised just right after my Oh, Lara. But this have to be fast. 'Twas inspired by a manicure where Mr. Google landed me which I'm in fact searching now --- I even scavenged my browser's history, but I gave up. So just to show you, here.

It used to be the background image of my header. Imma being a-mnemonic (from where did I get it so I couldn't give you the link) and I'm candid to admit it. Sorry.

While I'm doing my own version, my li'liest sister gave me a chat and told me she wants me to do it on her nails. I said I was doing it, as in now, on my nails. And she obliges me to post a spoiler. By the way, she's in Riyadh.

Not perfect but I like how it blends. Something that made me think of a layered chocolate cake! The side looks good though...

Base to tip: Orly Porcelain, Essie Topless & Barefoot, Color Club Best Dressed List

Just so you know, it's not good to capture it with flash (not even under the sun) for the reason that T&B will blend to Porcelain and they will look as one color. I took (like) ten of this color but I did not like most of them. Maybe I was not in my hormones.

How about some effect/s?

"You made all things new." --- Shadowfeet

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