Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 4: Moonlight

Oops! You're right. It's has something to do with Mick. Though I'm placid if really it is connected. I guess.

OPI Suzi Says Da!, China Glaze Hi-Tek
Windows open and directly under the sun

Learning is a process. It takes time. Not as splendid as a real half-moon, I okay. But  I love how it stuns me.

Exciting how a brown turns to wine. It looks violet/grape under cool lighting and turns to chocolate wine under the sun. Awesome-sauce!

I did this just in my right hand and I stop. Maybe I'll do it again next time; in a much better mood.

Just so you know, my lacquer (ChG Hi-Tek) spilled during application. It messed the floor; tiny splotches in my night stand and walls. Goodness. 

And lastly, by the way, have you heard the word cruciverbalist? I just heard. No connection. Haha.