Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 6: Count Dracula

You'll find the relevance in the end of this post.

As the challenge ends, it took me hard, really hard to look for the vampy shades that won't bore my readers. Swatching for this time's color is twice as usual. It's like I qualm about the shade for the first time; I trust Scrangie's review. Maybe I'm not in the semblance but I have to give it a try.

Dark green. Cal Poly Pomona green. Hunter green. Crucial ABCs huh? See for yourself.

Makes me think of Zoya Envy and Essie Licorice. It's OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow from Spain Collection and OPI Silver Shatter. Four coats to achieve the genuine opaque finish.

So here's about Count Dracula. Early English folklore believes that green is known to have signified witchcraft, devilry and evil.  In 1927 Broadway stage production of Dracula , the main actor wore the green-hued make up.

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