Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goin' Gaga

I'm so happy that my long wait is over!!! The delivery man arrive at early nine o'clock. Immediately I opened the parcel, rush to my room, grab my cam and took a quick capture without cleaning my bedding. 

OMG, as in Oh-ehm-gee!

Firstly, I reshaped my nails for this. Uhm, it didn't look fierce (as I wanted it to be) 'cos my nails aren't long enough. I cannot make it exaggeratedly long like hers. Maybe I'll try again next time. *Smirks

The holo effect changes in different angles. Jaw-dropping. As usual, the formula is perfect as it is Deborah Lippmann. Price is quite to expensive. $45 sale to $29 but as I said, it's Deborah Lippmann. The black polish is creamy and not messy and that makes me say that I have no regrets on spending my moolah. Over-all, luuuuuurve it!

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