Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 5: La Pinta

You might be thinking that I literally painted my nails this time. Oh no, no, no. I don't have plans of using an artist's brush. *Bleh =D

This is not the first time that I use ChG Luxe & Lush but this might be the last time that I will use it. Just at least that it looked much glamorous than I the first time that I tried it. And just that it proved me that Luxe & Lush is the ugliest of all the flakies that I've seen! Compare to Nubar 2010 and Essie Shine of the Times (not to mention Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure), all of them are smooth, thin, no chunks/bumps and fine flakes. L & L is the opposite. Anyway, I love the name, Pinta.


  • Pinta is the Spanish/Tagalog for paint
  • La Pinta was the name of Columbus' fastest ship.
  • The (Tagalog) word pintakasi actually means "intercessor" but it eventually evolved that now it means "a patron saint". 
So, I think it was named Pinta because you can beautifully paint your nails using this color! What I love from Zoya are: excellent formula, excellent colors and they use ladies' names. Hope to see my name one day in their nail polishes.

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